The world of content is almost entirely video-based. We have the team, the studios, the gear and the experience to take your video content project to the next level. Cinema-grade cameras, audio on the floor,  remote video capabilities and the ability to go live to air or live to stream make TRACK VIDEO one of the most advanced options in video production in the country. Our studios are more advanced, spacious and equipped than most broadcasters in Canada.

What we do

Studio Services

Rent Recording Studio
Event Video Services

Our broadcast-quality, interactive, live-streaming video services start with the latest in high-resolution video capture and camera equipment and the ability to create your next virtual or hybrid event.

Corporate Videos

Make sure that you stand out by showcasing a professionally made videos for your business. As expert videographers we will use our skills to display the finest parts of your brand.

rome and italy event
Music Videos

Bring your track to us and together we can create the music video that will proudly represent your artistic world everywhere on the internet.

Track Video is a complete suite of creative tools, expertise and facilities that take your video production to the highest levels. Our in-house experts will work with your creative team to execute video that is exceptional, on-budget and on time.

  • Cinema Cameras
    We are using Canon Cinema cameras to provide the best quality.
  • 4K Quality - 10bit Colors
    With our brand new equipment we can record using the newest high quality formats. Most of our cameras are on the list of "approved cameras" by Netflix.
  • Professional LED Lighting
    Our newest lights provide amazing color accuracy (CRI ≥96). The versatility and mobility of these fixtures give us great flexibility.
  • Brand focus
    No matter what we shoot, your brand's interest is our priority.
  • Professional Crew
    Our experts in every specific field of production are the very same people who worked on the music video you love, the commercial you just saw and the network TV show launching this fall. Our people are the best. They are good. They are humble.
  • In-House Editors
    Once you have it in the can, the magic begins in our multi-cam edit suite. The latest effects, processing and precision editing.

Recent Videos

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