track video
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TRACK VIDEO Track Video is our in-house production team capturing everything from music videos to corporate interviews. Record or stream your virtual event, rehearsal, music video, EPK and more. Read more
Recording Studio
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TRACK AUDIO Track full productions, vocal recordings, all instruments, live performances at Track Audio. Track offers the highest standard in professional recording. Read more
track room
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TRACK ROOM The Studio has been treated for tracking full productions, and mixing. The Sound Stage  is a great addition to our studio and has been home to many corporate events, rehearsals and recordings. Read more
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Music Studio

Music Studio From our writers room, and control room, to our live room we give artists and producers full range flexibility to utilize our state of the art facility. Each room is built to industry standards and competes with the best studios in the world.
Rent Recording Studio
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Sound Stage

Sound Stage Formerly known as the "Sony Soundstage” it is now part of our Track Room. The space has been home to various projects in the past from corporate events to concert tour rehearsals of A list artists like Dua Lipa, Morrisey and The Weekend
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Mixing Room

Mixing Room Our state-of-the-art mixing facilities are among the best in the world. Regardless of the sound you are trying to achieve, our mixing facilities will allow all of the creative licence you need to get the results you want.
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VIP Room

VIP Room Whether it is the Lounge for C-Level leaders at a corporate event or dressing room at a Music Video shoot, we have a beautifully furnished VIP room that offers comfort and glam.
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